An introduction to Warhammer: Diskwars

It occurred to me that, with all the articles about explaining the rules, army building and strategy suggestions, I never made a proper introduction to the game for anyone who casually stumbled on my site and wanted to know more.

What I’m going to do today – partly inspired by a similar post I made in the Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn blog I just opened, Shifting Mists (go check it out if you like that game) – is to put an end to my long-time negligence and, finally, offer Warhammer: Diskwars a well-deserved introduction.

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From the Battlefield 29: Empire/Lizardmen vs Vampire Counts

And we are back with another “guest” battle report, yet again featuring my (sorta) friends Filippo and Federico, facing each other on the field, with Federico’s Imperial Lizards army we already saw in From the Battlefield 25 taking on Filippo’s Vampire Counts.

Will Karl Franz and Chakax reverse the outcome of their previous appearance together, or it will be Mannfred’s undead legions time to seize the day? Let’s see…

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From the Battlefield 28: Vampire Counts vs Orcs

Hello again! It’s been a while since I posted a Battle Report and for that, I apologize. But here we are now, with another exciting game for you. This time I’m showing you something unique, as it’s the first time I attempted to play with the Warhammer: Diskwars module for the VASSAL engine (big kudos to Boardgamegeek users squizm for creating the module in the first place and Velensk for keeping it updated), in a match between my Vampire Counts and Filippo’s Orcs. As you’ll see, we decided to play a “quantity over quality” game with somewhat unusual armies so expect a lot of disks around the board!

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Special Scenarios – Part 2

Yesterday I posted an article about Special Scenarios and their rules, discussing both general aspects and also features specific for each of the scenarios coming with the Core Set and the two expansions, Hammer and Hold and Legions of Darkness. Today I’m going to close the topic and deal with the two special scenarios that were released during the (unfortunately) short-lived Organized Play program.

I am perfectly aware that these kits are quite rare to find at the present time, but I’d like to talk about them anyway because they deserve a mention, at least for the sake of completeness, but also because, as you’ll see, they are not that hard to replicate/proxy with material you should already have at hand.

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Special Scenarios – Part 1

Hello again. As many of you may know, when I began my adventure with this blog, I started with the basics, trying to explain and clarify the rules of the game in order to provide some aid to new players. One thing I left behind, mainly because they are a “non-essential” aspect of the game, but  partly also because I had no experience with them, were Special Scenarios and their rules. I always wanted to come back to them, as I feel a discussion about Warhammer: Diskwars is not complete without at least a mention of all the options the game provides.

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Army List: Sisters of the Woods (High Elves/Wood Elves)

After a long hiatus (sorry again folks!) my series of articles about the lore of the Warhammer: Diskwars armies has come to an end with the Wood Elves spotlight. Following tradition, here’s a sample army featuring the Wood Elf regiment from Hammer and Hold. This is one of the first armies I built with the expansions (veteran readers may remember it appearing in From the Battlefield 15, more than one year ago), but I never had a chance to showcase it, until now. Continue reading

The Wood Elves

The Asrai are the descendants of High Elves who colonized part of the Old World in the age of exploration, millennia ago. After the conflict with the Dwarfs known as the War of the Beards, and the Dark Elf invasion of Ulthuan, most of the Elves retreated back to their homeland, but some, having developed a strong bond with the woods of Athel Loren, chose to remain and became known as the Wood Elves.

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Have You Seen This Troll?

Hello everyone, Giovanni here. I wish to apologize for the lack of activity in the last few months, and shed some light into what I’ve been doing and what I’m planning to do with the blog.

So, what about this long period of silence? Well… long story short lots of stuff happened, most of which is quite personal, so I won’t bother you with the details, but what it matters is that in the end I got distracted by many things and lot a bit of momentum here and there, until I almost stopped. Almost. Continue reading

From the Battlefield 27: Chaos/Skaven vs Orcs

Hello again folks! In this episode of From the Battlefield we’ll see the return of the Skaven, this time coupled with the forces of Chaos (there’s a reason I recently showed you my Chaos/Skaven army, besides the fact that I like it, of course…) against Federico’s Arcane Storm Orc army in what looks to be a clash of magic, warpstone and thundering charges without quarter.

When the dust settles, only one army will stand victorious.

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Army List: Full Mayhem (Chaos/Skaven)

The Skaven regiment in Legions of Darkness is perhaps not as flexible as the (already rigid) regiments of the other “minor” races. Nevertheless it offers some usefulness to the Destruction armies in the form of ranged attacks and mobility, so here’s an attempt to build an army combining the ranged destruction provided by the rats with the crushing melee forces of Chaos.

Ready? Here we go.

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